About Filice Farms


Founded in San Benito County in 1947 by Peter and Rose Filice, Filice Farms is a third-generation family farm.  The farm originally produced walnuts, apricots and prunes.  Their son, Chuck, grew the farming operation, expanded the land base and transitioned the majority of the farm to specialty row crops.  When he passed away in 1998, his wife, Kay, teamed with farm manager Mitch Wright (hired in 1976) and Mitch’s son, Mark Wright (hired in 1999), to operate and expand farming operations.

Filice Farms is excited to be transitioning to the next generation of growers.  Kay and Chuck's son, Chris, returned to the farm to join Mark, and Joe Newman (hired in 2008).  This innovative team of leaders now manage a diverse line of conventional and organic products including peppers, onions, lettuces, spinach, celery, mixed greens, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower and cilantro, in addition to Bing cherries and Blenheim apricots.

Filice Farms Proud San Benito Grower


As a multi-generational, family run business, we put the highest value on maintaining fulfilled employees and satisfied customers. We consider our dedicated employees, many of whom have been with us more than 20 years, to be part of the Filice Farms family.  Our employees contribute leadership and service to our community and share our values of family and good land stewardship. Although we do not sell produce direct to the consumer, we maintain the highest business integrity with the numerous companies that harvest, pack, cool and ship Filice Farms products across the US and internationally. 




Filice Farms is actively engaged in managing sustainable farm practices that protect and preserve our valuable resources and our environment.

These are just a few examples:

Solar power saves energy and eliminates over 600 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Aerial Imagery allows us to detect plant stress and take action before problems arise.

Lysimeters optimize water and fertilizer usage while reducing inputs.

 Permanent water systems reduce water waste and guarantee uniform irrigation.


Food Safety

Food Safety is a top priority on our ranches and a commitment for each employee.  “As a grower, it is our responsibility to ensure our farm practices and our products are safe" said Kay Filice, President.

Filice Farms takes great pride in the quality and the safety of their products. 

This commitment is reflected in the ongoing risk assessments, the extensive employee training, and the rigorous practices and procedures.


Family Legacy...

Chuck Filice and Mitch Wright 1976

Chuck Filice and Mitch Wright 1976

Chris Filice and Mark Wright 2018

Chris Filice and Mark Wright 2018